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Managing e-waste is our business;
Do it sustainably is our mission.

We act economically and environmentally friendly and make a substantial contribution to maintaining our living conditions. We do this in socially sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. We share our experience, knowledge and earnings with all persons and entities with whom we are related. We understand the word company in its original sense: to live in community and to act accordingly.

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Managing e-waste is our business

We sustainably recycle IT and ITC devices that are or will be disposed of by the owners.

E-waste is the popular, informal name for electrical and electronic devices at the end of their lives. Proper disposal is regulated by law in more than 30% of all countries. However, a majority still has neither regulated disposal nor implemented recycling regulations. But, improper handling of e-waste endangers the environment and badly affects human and animal health.

Some 50m metric tonnes e-waste will be produced in 2020 — about 7kg for every person in the world. Just 20% will be collected and recycled. The rest is undocumented, meaning it likely ends up in landfill, incinerated, traded illegally or processed in a substandard way. That means hazardous substances spilling into the environment, poisoning the ground and people und animals living nearby.

We assume and welcome that upcoming regulations will be strictly based on the 4R, “Recover, Recycle, Reuse and Reduce”. Our long-term intention will help address the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development related to environmental protection (goals 6, 12, 14, 15) and health (goal 3) and partnerships for the goal 17. It will also address goal 8 that focuses on employment and economic growth, since the sound management of e-waste can create new areas of employment and drive entrepreneurship.

The professional e-waste recycling is our core competence. Within our network, we use innovative recycling processes. We guarantee the socially sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical handling of e-waste.

Toxic e-waste shipped from Europe was linked to contaminated chicken eggs in a scrapyard in Ghana.

Source: FT, January 11, 2020

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