About us

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Sustainable e-waste management

We are a Swiss based globally active company with the ambition to make a significant contribution to the sustainable management of e-waste. Our work is economically and ecologically sound. It is our stated goal to continuously improve and make the processes in e-waste more environmentally friendly. We are guided by the United Nations’ SDG, and the original understanding of the word company, which means to be and act in community.

Marcel Boner

Marcel, born 1963, has a successful track record as entrepreneur, interims manager, strategy consultant and industry executive.
Marcel is initiator and co-founder of managingEwaste AG, and he is the Delegate of the Board of Directors.

Peter Hardegger

Peter Hardegger
Peter, born in 1969, has a degree as Dipl. Ing. ETH and a Master of Industrial Mgmt ETH.
Peter is the responsible Director Business Development and takes care of Secure Data Erasure Services.

Selim Korkusuz

Selim Korkusuz
Selim, born in 1986 in Hamburg, has an education in metal trading and an impressive track record in the e-waste management market. Selim shares his profound knowledge and network as Director Purchase and Sales at managingEwaste AG, he is also responsible for the Turkish Subsidiary.

Matthias Wagner

Matthias Wagner
Matthias, born 1964, is a co-founder of managingEwaste AG. He graduated from the FH Furtwangen where he studied Product and Mechanical Engineering.
Matthias is the company’s COO and runs the German Subsidiary.