If you love your job and if you are committed to what you do, and if you know that life is wonderful as long as we stay curious and get up every morning to learn something new, then we would like to get to know you.


Jobs in an innovative environment

Our business is the sustainable, global e-waste management. In other words, the environmentally friendly, socially responsible processing of electronic devices and components that are disposed of.

Head Second Life Management

in the Circular Economy

This job is extraordinary. It forms a mainstay of our company and is located accordingly. As you already know, our business is the sustainable, global e-waste management. A substantial part of the disposed IT and ITC equipment and equipment components is suitable for further use. The extended life of these products can become an important contribution to the Circular Economy. This has encouraged us to set up Second Life Management in a professionally targeted manner.

As Head Second Life Management you will be doing pioneering work in e-waste management by combining all areas and functions that have a role to play in this process into a powerful unit. The profound knowledge of Asian markets, especially China, is helpful.

If you have the visionary ability and the will to fill a latent business with life, to install it worldwide and to support it successfully in the long term, then we would be delighted to meet you. Contact Jon Boner.

Key Account Manager

Buying and selling e-waste

As our Key Account Manager you wear two hats; alternately the hat of the buyer and the hat of the seller. Empathy, negotiation skills on two sides of the market and profound knowledge of the subject matter is the essence of this extraordinary position.

You know the European and Asian markets. You are multilingual, but at least fluent in German and English. And, what is important to us, you are able to plan and execute independently and feel comfortable in teamwork, and you like being on the road often.

In other words, you are a genius, and we are used to measuring ourselves by ordinary standards. If you are confident in this work and feel confident and comfortable in such a job, then, meeting you would be a pleasure. Contact Jon Boner.

Managing the office

of our HQ in Zurich

We are looking for a commercially educated person to jointly set up and independently manage the processes in our Zurich office. The threads of the emerging network of managingEwaste Collection Centres converge at Zurich headquarters. Collection Centres buy, process and sell e-waste. Equipment and components are refurbished and either sold in the second-hand market or processed into usable raw materials. And you administer all the threads of this business. The goal is the professional organisation of our sustainable, worldwide e-waste management.

This requires a good knowledge of internal and external processes in purchasing and sales and the gift of keeping these processes running in an unspectacular way. Furthermore, the ability to build and lead a small, powerful team. If you feel confident in this job and it matches your skills and ambitions, and if you have a profound knowledge of at least German and English (any other language would be helpful), then we look forward to meeting you. Contact Jon Boner.