There is intriguing business in our partnership.


We are committed to the stakeholder value

A partner is someone with whom we strive for a good result. We have two models that we prefer to pursue, the Foundation Model and the Network Model, which we outline below.

The Foundation Model

You set up a managingEwaste Collection Centre, and you manage it responsibly. A Collection Centre purchases IT and ITC hardware, processes and sells the hardware on the basis of a jointly agreed procedure. As a co-founder, you are co-owner of the Collection Centre, whereby the participation can be made through a contribution at the time of foundation or based on shares created through your work. You become part of a global enterprise and a worldwide community committed to and acting in accordance with the circular economy.

The Network Model

You collect or dispose continuously or periodically stocks of IT and, or ITC hardware. We take over these devices and process them based on economic and ecological standards. And we share the proceeds with you. The network model makes an important contribution to the correct and sustainable disposal of e-waste; all devices (and their components if the devices are dismantled) are tested, refurbished and certified for the second-hand market providing a substantial advantage for the environment and for sustainable consumption.

There is intriguing business in our partnership.

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